Monday, January 10, 2011


Ok so it happened, I have turned into a Bad...Bad...Blogger. Life has gotten in the way and I have not posted since my oldest son's birthday creations. I have so many projects that I might just have to post all the pictures in one post just to catch up with this blog. Just a quick update....since my last post DH has finally made it back to AZ with us. The Holidays came and went. It was very special for the boys to have daddy here once again. The New Year has been okay so far nothing too special. Ii have a new hobby that I recently started taking up and yes once again its from Provo Craft,its the Kniffty Knitter and it is so relaxing and fun. I have to admit my first project wasn't a success but I have figured out what I did wrong and will try again. Practice makes perfect in any craft. I have not given up on the cricut just taking a break for awhile, plus I can sit and watch tv while working on the kniffty knitter and the boys seem to like when I sit and knit and watch them play their games, instead of me in the office working with the cricut. Well hopoe you have a Happy New Year and I will be updating with lots of pictures of many different projects in the next day or two here.